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Bespoke Training Questionnaire

Performance Marketing Training

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Training Delivery
* on site in your office or independent training venue
What specific outcomes do you need to achieve as a result of the performance marketing (e.g., more sales of a specific product, improved revenues)?

Performance Marketing Training

How experienced is your team currently? What tools do they use, and how much of their time is spent on performance marketing?
Any platforms you are currently using or planning to use for performance marketing (e.g., Google Ads, TikTok, Facebook, Microsoft Ads (Bing)).
Any specific areas of interest that you want to cover in the training (e.g., paid strategies, media budget planning).
Description: Any specific challenges your team is facing with their current performance marketing efforts.
What do you hope to be able to achieve by the end of the training program?
Specific types of case studies you are interested in (e.g., B2B campaigns, B2C campaigns, app downloads).

Performance Marketing Campaign Focus

Are you interested in running a pilot campaign post-training to apply learned concepts?
What specific outcomes do you need to achieve as a result of the performance marketing (e.g., more sales of a specific product, improved revenues)?
How will you measure the success of the campaigns (e.g., more visitors to a specific page, more use of a specific tool, a specific cost per new user/sale)?
How much are you planning to spend on performance marketing over the new quarter/year?
How do you track & analyze conversions? Do you use Google Analytics or a different analytics tool?
Do you currently use a tag management tool like Google Tag Manager, or do your web developers handle this?
How do you report on existing campaigns? Do you pull manual reports from platforms (e.g., Facebook Ads), or do you use dashboard tools like Looker Studio?

Anything else

Live Online

Learn online, from the comfort of your favourite space, in an online group session of up to 8 participants.

1-2-1 Sessions

An online private training session, with just you and the trainer, for a more focused learning experience.

Company In-house

Full immersive training session, delivered by our experts at an office or venue of your choosing.

Bespoke packages

Train a bigger group of people, organise multiple sessions and tailor the course outline to your needs. 

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