Transform Your Client Engagement with AI

AI Account Manager

Revolutionize client relations with AI First's Account Manager - an advanced service designed to optimize client communication and account management.

Seamlessly integrating into your business ecosystem, our service deploys AI Account Managers that connect to your existing systems to provide your clients with real-time insights and updates, significantly reducing the load on human managers, freeing them up to focus on more important tasks.

  • Seamlessly connect with Email, Slack, Teams, WhatsApp, and more
  • Offer immediate project updates and answer frequent client questions
  • Enhance client satisfaction with instant, accurate information
AI First - Account Manager
Account Manager Chat
Client: Hey I just wanted to check how many creatives we’re scheduled to receive tomorrow, and how long we have for QA.

AI AM:  Hello, happy to help.
I’ve just checked and we’re on track to deliver all 15 creatives tomorrow which will then give us the next 3 days for QA.
Your New Customer Service Representative

Top-of-the-line Service For Your Clients

Leverage Artificial Intelligence to provide immediate, accurate answers to your clients' inquiries, always keeping them informed.
Our system not only understands but anticipates customer needs, ensuring a superior client experience.

Personal Videos

Personal Interaction

Tailored, frequent, communication to ensure your clients feel informed and always up-to-date with projects.

Viral Script

Proactive Assistance

Anticipates and addresses client needs before they arise. Answer frequent questions instantly.

Content & SEO

Scalable Support

Easily adapts to business growth and increased client volume as well as your evolving tech stack.

Managed for you

Increased productivity

Reduce response time and increase client satisfaction all whilst freeing up human resources.

AI Account Manager Advantages

Join the ranks of successful businesses who have elevated their client management and satisfaction with AI Account Manager.
Experience a significant reduction in workload for your human staff, allowing them to focus on what truly matters.

  • Streamlined client communication
  • Proactive project updates and information dissemination
  • Reduced wait times and increased client satisfaction
  • Scalable and customizable to your business needs
  • Detailed client insights for personalized service
  • Automated routine tasks, freeing up human resources
  • Continuous learning for constantly improved service
  • Multi-channel support for broad client access
Ready to Clone Your Success?

How it works

Our AI Account Manager is custom-built to integrate with your company's existing systems and databases. Real-time project data is then used to understand and anticipate client questions, providing accurate and helpful responses.


Identify your unique client service needs and opportunities for AI integration

  • Analyze existing client service workflows
  • Develop a customized AI engagement strategy
  • Outline a detailed AI Account Manager implementation plan
Implementation - Project Management

Setup & Integration

Setup the AI Account Manager and develop necessary integrations with your current systems smoothly and efficiently.

  • Configure your dashboard to align with your tech stack
  • Ensure compatibility with existing platforms and APIs
  • Fine tune AI responses to your brand's voice and clients

Deploy to channels

Activate and test your AI Account Manager across all client communication channels for consistent support.

  • Launch AI across email, chat, and messaging
  • Monitor performance and responses for quality assurance
  • Provide clients with instant, anytime access to support
AI Account Manager on WhatsApp
Pricing Table

Choose The Right Plan For Your Company


Good Value
£ 890 / month
  • 1 Account Manager
  • API Integration
  • Discovery session
  • Knowledge planning
  • Custom data files
  • Testing & refining
  • Embedding in relevant channels


Most Popular
£ 1690 / month
  • 3 Account Managers
  • API Integration
  • Discovery session
  • Knowledge planning
  • Custom data files
  • Custom API Integration
  • Live data streams
  • Testing & refining
  • Embedding in relevant channels


Fully Comprehensive
Contact Us
  • 3+ Account Managers
  • API Integration
  • Discovery process
  • Knowledge planning
  • Custom data files
  • Custom API Integration
  • Live data streams
  • Monthly testing & refining
  • Embedding in relevant channels
  • Any custom requests

Optional Extras

Voice Call

Reach the Account Manger by phone number where it can interact with clients using voice.

Reports generation

Enable the AI to generate and deliver scheduled reports for account activity.

Internal Communications

Monitor project statuses and inform managers of delays or missed deadlines.