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Empower Your Team with Cutting-Edge AI Knowledge

We are dedicated to equipping businesses with the knowledge and tools to thrive in the era of artificial intelligence. Our comprehensive AI training programs are designed to transform your team into AI pioneers, capable of leveraging the latest technologies to innovate, optimize, and drive success.

  • Stay ahead by understanding and implementing the latest AI advancements.
  • Boost efficiency by automating routine tasks, freeing your team to focus on strategic goals.
  • Drive innovation by using AI to solve complex problems and create new opportunities.

Featured AI Training courses

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Mastering AI in Sales

Transform Your Approach and Results

This comprehensive course is designed to empower sales professionals, small business owners, coaches, and consultants with the knowledge and skills to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their sales processes. 

  • Grasp AI Fundamentals
  • Strategic AI Integration
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Building Stronger Relationships
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Custom GPTs

Custom GPTs

Create and train your own OpenAI Custom GPTs.
  • Create custom GPTs with OpenAI
  • Training data preparation
  • Learn how to link to APIs
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GPTs and Zapier Icon

GPT Integration
using Zapier & Make

Learn how to integrate OpenAI with other platforms and APIs for fully automated workflows.
  • Zapier & Make overview
  • Create complex workflows
  • Automate with scheduled runs
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AI Automate
Content Generation

Learn how to employ different workflows to fully automate content generation for your brand.
  • Explore multiple workflows
  • Learn how to automate AI content tasks
  • Advanced prompts for genuine content
Coming soon
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New courses
every quarter

Our commitment to your growth in the AI landscape is ongoing. As we continue to develop and refine our offerings, keep an eye on this space for new and innovative training courses coming soon.


Stay tuned for more opportunities to expand your AI expertise with us.

Bespoke Training Packages
We also provide completely customised training packages, covering a wide range of AI-related topics for you to select from.
These packages are aimed at clients that want to fully tailor their training experience and can also be arranged to be delivered on site.
Our Training Approach

Become an AI expert

By combining expert-led, hands-on workshops, in-depth case studies, and a commitment to continued learning, we ensure participants not only understand AI concepts but can also apply them in real-world scenarios, fostering innovation and efficiency within your organization.


Our expert team is here to guide you through every step, from helping you pick the right course right up to preparing for the start date.

  • Select your course: If you're not sure where to start our team is here to help
  • Course preparation: Discuss the plan and requirements with your trainer
  • Confirm dates: Pick a start date that works for you
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Course Delivery

AIF trainers are seasoned vets here to ensure you get the most out of your session through tailored, online, interactive sessions with practical, hands-on learning.

  • Online delivery: Join from anywhere for a comfortable experience
  • Interactive sessions: Ask questions and interact directly with the trainer
  • Learn by doing: Practical training with exercises and practice projects

Post-training support

Your learning journey never stops and we're here to make sure you have the support you need even after your courses has ended.

  • Continued support: Reach out to your trainer for post-course inquiries
  • AI Learning: Refresh your training with the help of our AI Training Agent
  • Learning Path Guidance: Get help plotting your next steps in AI education
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Frequently Asked Questions

Training courses at AI First Agency

Anyone can attend AI training. It is especially essential for those aiming to harness the potential of artificial intelligence within their organization. This includes a broad spectrum of participants, from top executives strategizing on incorporating AI into their business models, to technical staff who will be directly implementing AI solutions. The diversity of attendees enriches the learning environment, providing a comprehensive understanding of how AI can be utilized across different levels of an organization.

In general, our AI training programs are designed to accommodate learners of all backgrounds.

While technical professionals will find the advanced modules particularly enriching, we have specifically curated content that makes AI accessible to non-technical business leaders as well.

Each course lists requirements for attendance and those with specific technical prerequisites will state them explicitly. 

The aim is to demystify AI and provide practical knowledge and tools that can be applied, regardless of one's prior experience with technology.

The duration of our training sessions varies to cater to different learning objectives and depth of content. From concise half-day workshops designed to give a quick overview of AI principles to comprehensive multi-day courses for an in-depth exploration of AI technologies and their applications. The flexible structure ensures that participants can select the training that best fits their schedule and learning goals.

Recognizing the importance of ongoing learning and application in the field of AI, we offer extensive post-training support. This includes access to resources, mentorship from our experts, and opportunities for follow-up sessions to address any challenges encountered in implementing AI strategies. Our goal is to ensure participants can translate the knowledge gained into effective practice within their organizations.

To enroll in our AI training programs, we encourage you to reach out to us directly. This initial conversation is an opportunity for us to understand your specific needs and objectives. Based on this, we can recommend the most suitable training program for you or your team. Our tailored approach ensures that you receive the training that aligns with your goals and maximizes the benefits of AI for your business.

We're here to guide you through every step

Transform your business with AI Training

Start your journey today by booking a discovery call with us. Together, we'll explore how our AI training programs can serve as a catalyst for empowering your team, enhancing their capabilities, and propelling your business objectives forward.