Create your own Chat GPTs

Custom GPTs

Transform your business with Custom GPT chat bots.
By fine-tuning your agents to your business knowledge, files and SOPs, they embody your unique business essence, offering more than mere content - they represent your brand's intelligence and style, all in a friendly chat interface. 

  • Develop an AI Agent trained on your business's expertise
  • Generate relevant content, reflecting your unique brand identity
  • Craft business-focused articles, reports, and answer user questions
Custom GPTs
Company HR GPT

User: Hey HR GPT, what are the KPIs for my department?

HR GPT:  I would be happy to help you with that. The main KPIs for the marketing department are:

1. Marketing ROI

2. Churn Rate

3. Pipeline Contribution/Revenue Attribution

4. Traffic to MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) Ratio

If you would like me to explain each item, please let me know.

Your Very Own AI Helper

Unveil Your Business's New AI Solution

Embrace the future with Custom GPTs that reflect your business's expertise, internal knowledge and narrative, giving you amplified brand presence and meaningful engagement, with both internal and external audiences.

API Integration

Integrate Custom GPTs into existing channels and link them to your APIs and tools for always-live data.

New Client Interaction

Enhance customer engagement with tailored responses & interactive chat with relevant knowledge.

Training & Support

Enhance training materials and internal process. Provide instant, relevant support with AI Chat.

Content Creation

Streamline content production across platforms with brand-aligned, company driven, intelligent writing.

Custom GPT Advantages

  • Cement your industry authority with AI-driven insights
  • Maintain a consistent, authoritative digital footprint
  • Attract valuable connections and opportunities with targeted content
  • Your Custom GPT sets you apart, keeping your brand’s narrative engaging
  • Foster trust with content that resonates with your brand’s ethos
  • We manage the creation, design, and distribution, powered by your insights
  • Engage and expand your audience with a dynamic AI presence
  • Ensure your messaging is heard clearly in the digital landscape
Ready to Clone Your Success?

How it works

We replicate your professional persona into an AI that captures your voice, your passion, and your unique insights, using your image and knowledge files provided.


Identify objectives and areas of most benefit

  • Uncover key business needs and objectives
  • Conduct interactive workshops to understand your brand
  • Define the scope and scale for the GPT's capabilities
CustomGPTs Discovery
Custom GPT Creation

GPT Creation

Powered by your unique knowledge and expertise

  • Codify your business's knowledge into the GPT framework
  • Build and refine the GPT to align with your business
  • Test and optimize to ensure quality and relevance


Generate content across all platforms, at the push of a button

  • Integrate the GPT into relevant process & procedures
  • Train key people on usage and admin
  • Track engagement and iteratively improve delivery
Custom GPTs
Pricing Table

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Good Value

£ 890 

  • 1 Custom GPT
  • API Integration
  • Discovery session
  • Knowledge planning
  • Custom data files
  • Testing & refining


Most Popular

£ 1690 

  • 3 Custom GPTs
  • API Integration
  • Discovery session
  • Knowledge planning
  • Custom data files
  • Custom API Integration
  • Live data streams
  • Testing & refining


Fully Comprehensive
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  • 9+ Custom GPTs
  • API Integration
  • Discovery process
  • Knowledge planning
  • Custom data files
  • Custom API Integration
  • Live data streams
  • Monthly testing & refining
  • Embedding in relevant channels
  • Any custom requests