Mastering AI in Sales

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SMEs, Freelancers, Sales Departments

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This comprehensive course is designed to empower sales professionals, small business owners, coaches, and consultants with the knowledge and skills to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their sales processes.

Through a practical approach, combining theoretical knowledge of AI with real-world sales applications, you’ll learn not just about the tools but also how to use them strategically to enhance every aspect of your sales process.

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What you will learn

By the end of this course, you will be equipped to leverage AI in your sales endeavors effectively. Expect to see improvements in customer satisfaction, efficiency in your sales processes, and a notable increase in sales outcomes.

  • Grasp AI Fundamentals
    Develop a strong understanding of how AI technologies, including ChatGPT, are revolutionizing the sales industry.
  • Strategic AI Integration
    Learn how to effectively incorporate AI tools into your sales strategy to optimize lead generation, customer engagement, and deal closure.
  • Enhanced Communication Skills
    Master AI-driven communication techniques for crafting compelling and personalized customer interactions.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
    Gain insights into utilizing AI for data analysis, helping you make more informed and strategic sales decisions.
  • Building Stronger Relationships
    Discover how AI can help you understand and anticipate customer needs, leading to deeper and more productive client relationships.

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for sales veterans and novices alike who are keen to navigate the new frontiers of AI in sales. It’s particularly beneficial for those who have a solid foundation in sales but are relatively new to the applications of AI in this domain.

Live Online

Learn online, from the comfort of your favourite space, in an online group session of up to 8 participants.

1-2-1 Sessions

An online private training session, with just you and the trainer, for a more focused learning experience.

Company In-house

Full immersive training session, delivered by our experts at an office or venue of your choosing.

Bespoke packages

Train a bigger group of people, organise multiple sessions and tailor the course outline to your needs. 

Course outline

Here is an outline combining social selling and AI concepts into an integrated course.

Module 1: Fundamentals of AI for Social Selling

  1. AI capabilities overview for sales
  2. Writing effective prompts
  3. Ethical usage principles

Module 2: AI-Accelerated Prospecting

  1. Identifying ideal customer profiles with AI
  2. Generating targeted prospect lists with AI
  3. Evaluating sales-readiness with AI

Module 3: Supercharged LinkedIn Optimization

  1. Optimizing profiles and content for AI discoverability
  2. Leveraging AI analytics for engagement insights
  3. Automating network expansion with AI

Module 4: AI-Assisted Relationship Building

  1. Researching prospects with AI support
  2. Crafting personalized messaging at scale with AI
  3. Monitoring activities and triggers with AI alerts

Module 5: AI for Content Marketing

  1. Using AI to create high-quality content
  2. Optimizing content format and timing with AI
  3. Repurposing content efficiently with AI

Module 6: AI Conversations and Objection Handling

  1. Recommending conversational paths with AI
  2. Anticipating and overcoming objections with AI
  3. Continually learning from experience with AI

Module 7: AI for Personalized Sales Enablement

  1. Curating micro-targeted sales collateral with AI
  2. Delivering training at scale with AI assistance
  3. Getting data-driven coaching insights from AI

Module 8: AI for Deal Execution and Review

  1. Structuring data-driven sales proposals with AI
  2. Reviewing agreements with AI legal assistants
  3. Scoring deals and forecasting with AI

Module 9: Continuous Performance Optimization with AI

  1. Monitoring KPIs and trends real-time with AI dashboards
  2. Identifying skill gaps and growth areas with AI
  3. Improving processes through AI pattern recognition

Module 10: The Future of AI and Social Selling

  1. Exponential technologies changing sales
  2. Building a forward-thinking AI sales strategy
  3. Maintaining a competitive edge with AI innovation
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In an era where AI is reshaping the business landscape, understanding and leveraging AI tools can give you a significant competitive edge.

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