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AI Digital Clone Examples & Use Cases

DigiClones are the cornerstone of our personal branding service, however, this flexible technology has many use cases.

  • The DigiClone service can be completely tailored to your needs and channels
  • Coaching, instructional videos, article summaries and much, much more
  • Our expert team will work with you to find the best application

Coaching &
Personal Branding

Establish a consistent online presence with daily AI-generated video posts, stories, and more, without wasting any of your precious time on film shoots.

Vlogging &
Article Summaries

Convert existing articles and posts into engaging videos, or create brand new content from scripts written by yourself, our team, or AI generated ones.

DigiClone NewsAnchor - John

Training &

Transform any written training materials or guidelines into instructional videos, making complex information more accessible and engaging for learners.

DigiClone NewsAnchor - Amy

Newsroom &

Quickly turn the breaking news articles or reports into dynamic video content, with zero production time, as soon as any topic starts trending on chosen platforms.

Pitch Decks &

Bring a personalized touch to complex presentations by integrating DigiClones into your decks. Any time the content changes, generate a new video to go with the updates.

Client Updates

Automate client communications by turning updates, newsletters, announcements, etc. into instant personalized video messages.

Use Cases

The real value of DigiClone comes through when dealing with a high volume of content.

Whether it's the need for daily social media video posts or converting vast collections of written material — such as extensive article archives or comprehensive documentation libraries — this can now be easily done at scale, automatically. 


Companies are already benefiting from DigiClones

Trendsetters and early adopters have been quick to integrate DigiClones into their marketing mix, and are already seeing the benefits of on-demand personalised video content created and managed for them.

Love Social Media

Thought Leadership Posts

LSM make use of the DigiClone service to automate some of their daily brand establishment and though leadership posts. Automating the process leave them free to focus on more important cornerstone content.

  • High-volume output with at least 1 video post per day
  • Team able to create content with Mark, even in his absence
  • Fully automated AI pipeline, from script, to captions & scheduling


Company Updates

Using DigiClone, PostTag not only enhanced their social media presence but also set a new standard in leveraging technology for brand growth in the sector, with automated content generation and management.

  • Custom DigiClone with authentic look to match personal camera
  • Uses AI algorithms to generate engaging, industry-specific scripts
  • Real-times data on content engagement & performance

AI First Agency

Product Descriptions

The "digital face" of AI First Agency, our own DigiClone is now used to instantly generate new product description videos, for our website and other collateral, based on AI summaries of the service specifications and web page.

  • Automatically generates video from description for each new service
  • Mix & Match - the cloned voice was added to a different avatar
  • The image of the new avatar is completely AI generated
  • Automatic API link to website and Google Sheets


Digital Newscast

Automatically transform articles or text news feeds into engaging, DigiClone-presented newscasts, providing an innovative approach to news delivery. Create dozens of videos per day.

  • Automatically converts text news feeds into video newscasts
  • Feature different AI digital anchors for news presentation
  • Tune in to real-time events to break news early
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